Need to know

We all love our pets. However, we do not love the hairy mess left from their shedding fur or the dirt they track in and grind into our carpets. Not to worry because the people in the vacuum industry know this. They know what types of brushes, attachments, and suction power is needed to effectively pick up pet hair, and most of the top end vacuum brands have a model specifically designed for cleaning up pet hair.

Now let’s go back to our topic: What is the best vacuum for pet hair? What do we need to know about that?

The best vacuum for pet hair will have special tools that are designed to pick up animal hair that include tools that will not clog with animal hair. The vacuum should have smaller tools for cleaning areas such as stairs or furniture.  It should also have a wand and floor tool to get rid of pet dander on walls and drapes. The best pet vacuum should also have enhanced suction power. This feature lifts animal hair from the floor and it also is equipped with enough suction to pull it into the canister or bag of the vacuum.

What to look for in the best pet hair vacuum?

There are things you want to think about when choosing the best vacuum for pet hair .

  • You need to look for an excellent vacuum to help keep your house clean. Obviously, the $49.99 models do not offer the power that you need to suck the pet hair up. So keep in mind, you get what you pay for.
  • You also want to ensure that the actual brush part of the vacuum is very stiff.
  • Also, you should look for a vacuum that has a long vacuum tube to ensure that it will not only pick up pet hair, but everyday dust and dirt as well. Just think how frustrating it would be if you get a vacuum that is great for pet hair, but doesn’t pick up the dirt. There is no reason to buy 2 separate vacuums as there are many on the market that will handle any workload.

Best pet hair vacuum that is easy to clean

Cleaning and maintenance should also be taken into consideration when buying a pet hair vacuum. Let’s face it, you are going to have to clean the darn thing once in a while. Also, doing regular cleanups will also help prolong the vacuums life. This is very important if you decide to go with one of the higher end models. So protect your investment and buy a pet hair vacuum that comes with good documentation as well as being easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can clean it properly.

Anything else you should consider when looking for the best pet hair vacuum?

Well there are many things, such as cost. When you are dealing with your pets, it is important to note that you will need to vacuum more often and you will also need to think about the wear and tear of the vacuum. You can set out to purchase a cheap vacuum instead of the best vacuum for pet hair , but with the kind of work it will do, it will not last very long. Plus, you will have to end up purchasing additional filtration and features that enhanced performance. Also, buying from a reputable manufacturer will also help ease some anxiety of your purchase. So basically, just do your homework and study reviews and you will no doubt find the best vacuum for pet hair that you can afford.