Standard to qualify the best vacuum for pet hair?

Indeed, figuring out which one is the best vacuum for pet hair can be a challenging and time-consuming job that may never produce consistent results. Before you give up on finding that perfect vacuum or spend countless hours reading consumer reports, reading the below first! There are a few standard vacuum designs and certain features that are necessary to qualify as best pet hair vacuum.

Many different vacuums on the market claimed to be the best in their field. Lots of them are very successful at cleaning up pet hair. There are several hoover models that made the charts for “best vacuum for pet hair”, as well as a few Bissell, Dyson, Shark and Eureka models. It’s not surprising that the leading brands in the vacuum industry also produce the same high-quality vacuums for our pets.

Standard of features to qualify the best vacuum for pet hair

They all seem to have in common include:

  • nice design
  • outstanding suction power
  • good mobility
  • longer cords for greater accessibility
  • innovative attachments.
  • great warranty

At least twelve amps are required to be considered exceptional sucking power. Attachments also need to be able to rotate and reach into hard to get areas. Mobility is important for cleaning unusual or complex surfaces. Besides, the cord needs to be long enough to finish the task without having to relocate to multiple outlets.

Furthermore, a modern vacuum with a bagless storage compartment can be beneficial. Leaving the hair, dust, and mites in the bag (inside the house) can continue to release allergens into the air. A great feature that helps with this issue is a HEPA vacuum, which collects 99.97% of irritating allergens in the air.

One last characteristic a great vacuum for pet hair must have is a great warranty. Everyone who has pets knows that vacuuming up their furry trails can be a never-ending task. A good warranty is incredibly important to have just in case your pet proves to outlast the intended life of your new machine.

Now, it’s time to you. Check our site, take a look at some of our (and many users) recommended vacuum cleaners below and pick one for you!

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